Updated as of 11/11/2022
Our Glacier FM reviews will take a deeper look into the platform, how we are helping independent musicians, brands, podcasters in every niche and also get some feedback from them regarding how they feel about us.
Glacier FM has been existing for a while now and we feel it’s the right time to throw the light on what we are up to and how it is changing the face of the independent music industry.
With thousands of independent artists turning to the radio station for exposure, we want to help you determine if this is right for you.
Music promotion seems evident, right? You can send your music by email to the established mainstream labels or platforms, and they will make you a celebrity overnight. Not so?
Well, you and I both know that nothing looks as rose as it may appear in the music industry, especially when it comes to making a name as an unsigned or upcoming artist and equally competing for the spotlight on the mainstream radio stations.
Glacier FM is one of the greatest emerging stations you will come across that focuses on advertising upcoming artists. The greatest part of it all is that there are no geographical restrictions, you can count on them to get your music heard by fans across almost every country around the globe.

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